Airport Transfers in Tenerife and Malaga


Are you thinking to go to a Spanish vacation and you don’t know which destination to choose between Malaga and Tenerife? The best choice for you depends on various aspects, such as your preferences and budget. This article’s purpose is to help you understand better what can you expect from visiting both Malaga and Tenerife, and then decide for yourself where to go.


  • Very friendly people

Malaga is not as famous as Tenerife when it comes to tourism so that you will meet plenty of locals, which are very friendly and eager to help. According to numerous tourists, each time they encountered a problem, locals were there for them, offering their support.

  • Wildlife and Parks

Besides the beach-related activities, you can also enjoy here amazing parks and places where you can admire the wildlife and fauna. Malaga is known for having unusual types of plants, and it has a broad range of tropical and ornamental flowers. Visiting Crocodile Park or Lobo Park can make your trip even more beautiful, as you will be introduced to Malaga’s particular wildlife.

  • Fortresses, castles, and churches

If you are interested in history, culture, architecture or religion, then Malaga clearly suits you as a touristic destination. You will be mesmerized by the charming atmosphere of small villages, or the beauty and historical richness of castles, fortresses, and churches from here.

  • Food & Drinks

We won’t reveal too much about this aspect; just that Malaga is considered to be the best place in Spain when it comes to food and drinks. If you want to taste delicious traditional dishes, you know where to go.


  • Nightlife

If you’re a party animal, you will definitely love Tenerife. The nightlife here is dazzling, and you can find plenty places where to party hard. On the other hand, if you don’t like this type of vacations, loud music, noise, and drunk people may bother you.

  • A destination preferred by celebrities

Many celebrities around the world come here for holiday regularly. Their reasons? Beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels. When you take a walk on Tenerife’s fine sand beaches, you can think of the big names that were there before you. For instance, this destination is preferred by Penelope Cruz, but also other elite clientele, such as Stephen Hawking or Bill Clinton.

  • Sun-kissed in winter

If you plan your vacation during the winter season and still want to lay on the beach and get sun-kissed, then go to Tenerife. Compared to Malaga, the winter temperatures are much higher here. For instance, if the average day temperature in Malaga is 16 C degree in November, in Tenerife you can enjoy an average temperature of 22 C degree. Much better sunbathe, right?

No matter what your choice is, you can always count on our professional airport transfer services. If you want to start your vacation in a relaxing and positive manner, book an airport transfer on our website. This will take you only a few minutes, but will contribute a lot to the success of your trip.

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