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Whether you plan a romantic vacation or a trip with your friends, Venice is undoubtedly a destination you should consider. Plenty of tourists come here every year and immerse themselves in the charm of this unique city, which provides a broad range of activities, suitable for almost any type of traveler.

Why should you visit Venice?

There are numerous reasons that make a trip to Venice an unforgettable experience. Here is our top:

  1. Relish its canals and gondolas

Of course, no one can deny the uniqueness of Venice when it comes to the city structure. Every canal, bridge, and gondolas you will see here contribute to an authentic experience, and they create an enjoyable atmosphere. In fact, the ambiance of the city is defined by romance and passion, and you would fall in love with Venice at farthest when you watch the sundown over this charming place.

  1. Immerse in the beautiful architecture of the city

The rich architecture of Venice is something that will mesmerize you, for sure. What makes it unique is the mixture of styles that blends smoothly. This city is caring Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance influences, which lead to some of the most impressive architecture styles. Once you are here, besides Palazzo Ducale and San Marco Basilica, visit some small museums or walk through Venice narrow streets.

  1. Enjoy the colors of Murano glass

If you want to see colorful and intricate jewelry created from this unique glass, Venice is the perfect destination. The glass makers moved here from the Murano Island, bringing with them the long traditions of glass sculpture. Watch a demonstration, buy souvenirs, and enjoy the colors of dazzling glass art pieces.

Visit Venice on a budget

If you want to visit Venice without spending a lot of money, take into consideration the following tips:

  1. Look for a good deal when booking your hotel

Even though you may think that is very expensive to stay in a hotel very close to the center, there are plenty of two or three-star hotels here. If you get a good package deal, you will spare a lot of money on your accommodation, but also because you can simply walk to the city center.

  1. Don’t eat near to St. Mark’s Square

If you get hungry while visiting Venice, don’t eat next to St. Mark’s Square or Rialto Bridge. Dishes are much more expensive here than a few minutes away from these places. In fact, you can even spare 50 Euros if you choose to take a walk of only five minutes. And the meals are still delicious.

  1. Pay attention to your airport transfer

 You can easily end up booking expensive airport transfers, even though they are not luxurious. Pay attention to this aspect and opt for affordable and qualitative services, without any hidden costs. For instance, on our website –, you can fill in the details of your flight, and you will see exactly how much you have to pay for your airport transfer.

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