London is a beautiful historic city. It is a very old city, according to archaeological research people have been living in this area since the Bronze Era, and through the centuries it grew into what it is today – a leading city and one of the top financial centers for many years. This is the Read More →

Malaga is a traditional Spanish city, a Mediterranean Sea flower which you should see bloom. One of the oldest cities in the world is a great place to spend your holiday. Overlooking the city is the Alcazaba castle, built 3000 years ago, well preserved and decorated with flowers and trees. Here you can also visit Read More →

Artists depict the soul of the people, the world they are surrounded by and off course the city they live in. Vienna itself is an enormous collection of incredible works of artists, composers, architects, engineers, from the past the present and no doubt the future as well. It is one of the most beautiful cities Read More →

A small enchanting city built on water for centuries draws writers, movie directors and couples in love to come and drink from its well of inspiration. This place will make you sigh with amazement. In the small streets you will find hidden romantic corners to steel intimate kisses from your loved one or to take Read More →