You may come to Salzburg by car, bus, the railway or land on the second largest airport in Austria, but whichever way you choose you will not be mistaken. Transportation is very well organized and you will have no problem finding a Salzburg airport taxi transfer. The heart of the city pulses with the help of Read More →

A strong current of modern architecture is sizzling through the city. The old well lit traditional houses in different colors almost become one with the bridges and skyscrapers. This financial centre and centre of education and culture on the river Main will keep you busy and amazed. The Romerberg square is the core of old Read More →

Thessaloniki is an important shopping destination, with a colourful cultural life. It is one of the biggest cities on the Balkan Peninsula and an important industrial, economic and political centre. It is a city which is 2.300 years old and is rich in history, culture and art. The Greek meal you will taste here in Read More →

One of the biggest cities in the world has more than 11 million residents separated in 12 districts. Moscow is an old city carefully nursing its history, art, theatre and classical music. The Bolshoi Theatre is the place for ballet and opera. It is one of the oldest companies in the world. Ballet and Opera Read More →