The Ultimate Salzburg Travel Guide: What to Visit and How to Get There

ultima travel guide to Salzburg

After strolling on the streets of Salzburg, you will feel like you’ve turned back time and you have entered a distinct, past world. The squares, imposing architecture, narrow cobble-stoned streets; all these combined create a unique atmosphere of the Mozart city. Add to this the high, greenish mountains that encircle the entire city.

Another great thing about the Austrian city is that it presents effective, practical Salzburg airport transfer and also the possibility to get around by foot. Now, let’s get acquainted with a couple of attractions you shouldn’t miss out on visiting when in Salzburg.

Old town centre of Salzburg – Salzburg Altstadt

The old town centre of Salzburg is simply charming – this is the perfect word to describe it. The place is filled with lovely cafes and pastry shops. You should certainly take one hour of your time to sip an aromatic cup of coffee in Mozart’s birth city. Take your time and stroll around the cobble-stoned streets and glare at the baroque architecture. Did you know that Salzburg is one of the best-preserved European cities? And of course, Mozart is everywhere – his music, his face on various assortments of delicious chocolates.

The best part of the old town centre is that it’s within walking distance. If you wish to take a stroll in the old centre, right after arriving at your accommodation by Salzburg airport transfer, you can do that. Salzburg is not a large city, so it is quite effortless to get around by foot, which will make your stay there even more enjoyable.

Salzburg Fortress – Festung Hohensalzburg

This medieval castle is one the city’s gems. It is located on the peak of the hills that surround the city. You can see the fortress from every corner of the historic centre of the city. Getting there is simple, just follow the view, but not effortless – it is genuinely a workout, so make sure you have comfortable shoes. Once you enter the fortress, and you stroll on the stone-paved streets, you will feel like walking in a past century. And once you reach the top, and you can glare at the view, you will remain speechless. The historic, iconic city of Salzburg in one single glare – make sure not to miss it. The Mozart city is simply magic.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens

The Mirabell Palace and Gardens is another jewel of the city. The gardens arranged geometrically present a myriad of majestic colors and fragrances. If you’re visiting Salzburg during summer, you’ll enjoy the great variety of roses, in shades of red and pink. Take a stroll through the beautiful Gardens. Nothing compares to it.

You can reach the Mirabell Palace and Gardens easily as well. It is also in the centre of the city, so it is easily accessible by foot.

Mozart’s Birthplace and Residence

Visiting Mozart’s birthplace and residence is certainly a must when in Salzburg as well. The house is located in the historic centre of the city, and it is yellow-colored and fairly visible. The birthplace presents Mozart’s instruments and belongings while growing up, and his residence embodies a slightly more personal approach regarding Mozart’s life and role in the evolution of classical music.

Prepare Yourself: Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Vienna

short travel guide vienna

short travel guide viennaVienna is one of the most breathtaking capitals in Europe. If it’s your first time traveling there, you should get prepared to embrace the Austrian culture of the place, which encompasses a mixture of old and new, modern and ancient. Vienna is entirely different than other European capitals, and it is unique and definitely worth your time. Get yourself prepared for your Viennese experience.

Vienna is a mixture of low and high culture

Vienna is more than just a classic, imposing European capital that is highly acknowledged for its beautiful classical music and fancy Mozart chocolates. As a matter of fact, Vienna is a classic, unique mixture of low and high culture. Here, you will be able to relish the most amazing, prestigious music of the most talented artist in the exuberant concert halls, while, at the same time, you will be able to party in the best Viennese night clubs. Flex, a night club in Vienna is actually one of the best clubs in Europe.

On the other hand, Vienna presents the exclusive Opera Ball, which hosts Europe’s most important charity event that mixes past ball tradition with fancy, stunning costumes.

Be ready to let your guard off and embrace the Viennese vibe, you will be surprised.

Why not take the 1 Tram?

The 1 tram does not refer to Vienna airport transfer. As a matter of fact, the 1 tram will take you circles surrounding the historic centre of the city. This circle encompasses the inner medieval European capital, and it is genuinely a great way to observe the most important attractions Vienna has to offer. You’ll get to see almost everything ranging from dark, gloomy bookstores to imposing museums.

Don’t miss the view from above

Vienna offers a breathtaking scenic view from above. It’s almost as if it’s too much beauty to handle. You’ll feel overwhelmed. The city is centred between abundant green hills that nest abundant vineyards. You’ll also catch a glimpse of the deep blue Danube. The view is almost as if it’s stolen from a museum. It’s surreal.

Make sure not to miss this breathtaking view. You can reach there by taking the 38A bus from Heiligenstadt.

Vienna airport transfer and public transport

While you may believe that the airport transfer and public means of transportation in Vienna look free of charge, as there are no barriers that stop you from entering, think again. It is utterly important to make sure you buy a ticket. The ticket vending machines are available and within everybody’s reach; from the airport to every bus station in the city. Pleading as an ignorant tourist won’t help, I guarantee that; you will get a fine.

Closing hours

You’re not going to like this. The opening hours for the majority of shops in Vienna remain old-fashioned. Most of them will close after 6 pm on workdays while, on Sundays there’s basically no chance of buying something from a store, except a gas station. Still, you shouldn’t worry about night clubs being closed, as they will remain open till the last person leaves.

Zurich airport transfer complete guide

Zurich Switzerland

Zurich is a reflection of the well-known Swiss perfection so it’s not a surprise that it is the cleanest and most efficient city in Europe. It is commonly associated with banking and finance related institutions, but in the recent years the art and cultural scene is undergoing a massive explosion. Nonetheless, there are many things you will be fully occupied with wandering around the Old City or sitting in a café by the river and enjoying the view.

The Zurich airport is the main hub for international flights serving the city of Zurich and the surrounding ski resorts. It’s located fairly close to the city center, around 10 km so it will take 10-20 minutes to the city center depending on the transport type and traffic. Before your trip to Zurich, it’s good to inform about the different means of transportation available to and from the airport. In this guide we prepared a summary of the essential info you need to know.

1. Public transport

Zurich airport is considered to one of the best connected airports in Switzerland via public transport. This is especially convenient if don’t have large luggage to carry with you and your accommodation is nearby one of the stops. The public transport options include bus, train and tram.

There are bus connections available to the main places in Zurich area and the airport has a bus terminal for regional buses. However, the train service is very efficient and is preferred way of public transport option from the airport to Zurich. The train station on the airport is located in Check-in area 3 and trains run every 10 minutes. Glattalbahn tram 10 operates between Zurich airport and Zurich Central Station but the journey takes longer time (around 40 minutes).

2. Shuttle and coach services

There are many providers of share airport transfer in Zurich and the service can be booked online. Timetable and map of pick up/drop off points are available and you need to check if this fits in your schedule. Coach buses are available during ski season for airport transfer to the main ski resorts.

The downside of this type of transfer is that you are sharing it with the other passengers and that means that multiple stops are made along the way. This will extend the time needed to get to your desired destination so check before booking if this will be appropriate for you.

3. Private airport transfer

Private airport transfer is the most convenient transport option since it’s a door-to-door service and can be arranged prior your trip to Zurich. There are many Zurich airport transfer providers offering reliable service from the airport to your desired destination. If you’re travelling during ski season and heading to one of the Swiss ski resorts, this will be the best choice because of the ski equipment you’re carrying with you.

The common knowledge is that it is the most expensive airport transfer option, but in reality the cost per person may not vary much from the other options. The price is per vehicle and for a larger group the cost is split. Not to mention the time you will save since there are no stops on your way to your accommodation.

4. Car hire

Car hire is always a good option when you want to explore the city area according to your own schedule without the burden of being tied to timetables. You can book the service online and arrange everything prior your arrival. The car hire center is located on level 1 in the Airport Center.

Before taking in consideration this option, you need to be aware about some rules and regulations which apply to car transportation in Zurich. In the past few years, the city has invested a lot in improving the transport system where the emphasis is on the people. There are 4500 sensors places around the city in order to monitor the number of cars entering the city and if the limit is reached, cars are stalled at the highway.

5. Airport taxi

The airport taxis are available in the Arrivals 1 and 2. It’s a good option if you haven’t planned your airport transfer in advance and you want to get directly to your destination and save time. Make sure to get into a licensed taxi in order to avoid overcharging of the service. The taxi usually charges a starting fee + additional fee for every km.

3 Things you should know before your visit to Milan

milan italy airport transfer

Trendy and glamorous Milan is one the rising tourist destinations in Italy. Known as the financial powerhouse of Italy and the capital of world fashion, this city is undergoing a process of urban development. For the purpose of the Expo 2015, there were some ongoing projects which gave Milan a new light.

It may not be Italy’s prime destination for historical sightseeing, but there are some important landmarks to be seen. It is the home of the glorious Gothic cathedral on the piazza Duomo and Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Not to forget the Milanese cuisine this has its own delightful dishes to offer. This is our selection of the things you should know about Milan before your visit.

1. Arriving in Milan

Getting around Milan is fairly easy, as most of the main sites are close around the city center and you can walk from one to another. Also, the public transport network is organized pretty well and you have metro, trams and buses available at affordable price.

The Milan airport system consists of 3 airports: Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio (Bergamo).

Malpensa airport is the main airport in Milan serving international flights from all over the world and it’s the second largest airport in Italy in terms of international traffic. The airport has two terminal buildings. Terminal 1 was built in 1998 with addition of car-parking facilities rail link to the city center. Terminal 2 is used for charter and low cost flights. There is good connection to the Milan city center via public transport (bus and rail), airport taxi and private airport transfer.

Linate airport is closest to Milan, only 7 km from the city center. The airport has one terminal building serving flights mainly from Europe. Public transport is available during the day with regular bus lines operating from and to the airport. Also, you can book in advance shared shuttle service or Milan airport transfer.

Orio el Serio airport or mostly referred to as Bergamo airport is located near the city of Bergamo, around 42 km from Milan. It has one terminal building and serves international flights of low cost airlines. It has good connection to Milan with regular bus lines, so passengers flying with these airlines mainly use this airport for their arrival in Milan.

2. Must see places

Milan’s diversity is what makes this city a perfect travel destination: from historic sites, to haute-couture designer stores and skyscrapers. You should see a little bit of every side of Milan and make a combination of history and future.

The starting point of your tour should begin on the piazza Duomo, the central square in Milan. Right on this square is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and of the main landmarks of the city. The extravagant building with over 3000 statues and the enchanting interior have been built over six centuries. There are 150 stairs which lead to the roof where you can enjoy the most amazing view over Milan.

You can’t say you’ve been to Milan and not seen the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. The mural in the Santa Maria delle Grazie church is considered to be the best religious piece of art in the world for its unique interpretation of the iconic dinner featuring one of the major events in Christian history.

Just behind the Porta Garribaldi, a magnificent landmark from 1825, there is a whole new futuristic side of Milan. The district Porta Nuova features magnificent skyscrapers and new wave of architectural design. There you will find the tallest building in Europe, the Unicredit Tower, and the fancy residential building Bosco Verticale which introduces new concept of living.

3. Best places to try Milanese cuisine

Just saying the word Italy reminds you of delicious food like pasta and pizza. But what you may not know is that Italian food is broad category and each region has its own specifics. Milan’s culinary scene is trendy and chic with few specific dishes for this region you must try.

Although apperitivo tradition doesn’t originate in Milan, we can say for sure it’s strongest here. Blend in with the locals for a cocktail and snack in one of the local bars and restaurants. One of the best places to enjoy your drink is Ceresio 7, a restaurant by the pool at the top of the Dsquared2 building. Surrounded by a nice retro-style interior and breathtaking view over the skyscrapers in Milan, it’s an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Street food is very popular in Milan and there are many bakery and pastry shops along the streets of Milan. While you’re visiting the Duomo square, stop by Luini, a bakery which has the best panzerotto in Milan. Panzerotto is a fried calzone with mozzarella and tomato, and one of the must-try foods in Milan.

If you’re looking for a nice dining place with local, fresh ingredients, then you should visit the Un Posto a Milano restaurant. It’s located in the part of Milan which used to be considered countryside, in an actual farmhouse from 18th century and serves fresh, delicious from farm grown ingredients. During warm weather, you eat outside in the beautiful yard with vegetable garden.

Have you visited any of these places? Share your experience with us!