A small enchanting city built on water for centuries draws writers, movie directors and couples in love to come and drink from its well of inspiration. This place will make you sigh with amazement. In the small streets you will find hidden romantic corners to steel intimate kisses from your loved one or to take Read More →

Naples is a glance in the past through the windows of Pompeii, the first bite of one of the favourite meals of many men around the world – the pizza and a city with its own web of historical sites and leisure activities which will glue you in and make you want to move there. Read More →

Brussels is the seat of the European Union, a melting pot and scenery of people wearing colorful traditional clothing and modern outfits, medieval structures and modern architecture. A well organized city with beautiful parks, museums, cathedrals, cafes and restaurants. It became a centre for international politics after World War II and developed into a beautiful Read More →

Walk down the plastered streets of the old city. Milan will welcome you and seduce you with stories about love, fashion, art and history. You will feel the heartbeat of the city trembling beneath your feet. Milan is a city of museums and fashion. Pinacoteca di Bieeara is an art museum of modern Italian art Read More →