Ah, Venice!


A small enchanting city built on water for centuries draws writers, movie directors and couples in love to come and drink from its well of inspiration. This place will make you sigh with amazement. In the small streets you will find hidden romantic corners to steel intimate kisses from your loved one or to take in the stunning architecture. Surrounded by the pigeons – the pets of the city, you will feel them bringing the sky to you and raising it higher as they fly away.

The streets will bring you to St. Mark’s Basilica, which symbolises the independence of the city, wonderfully decorated with mosaics on the facade, sculptures, Syrian carvings and more. Venice is filled with tourists all year round, so if you would like to explore it less crowded maybe you should try the winter period, although it surely won’t look the same without the summer sun.


Gaze at Piazza San Marco, the symbol of the city, a beautiful marble square and the gathering place of the city for centuries. Here you will see the Torre dell’ Orologio clock tower, one of the main tourist attractions and the Campanile di San Marko the bronze bell tower where you can get an excellent view of the city. Just before you lose your breath you will continue to Doge’s Palace which is linked through a corridor to the “Bridge of Sighs” which once led to the prison. It was the last place where prisoners got to take a look outside and sigh in sorrow of their lost freedom. The tour guides will introduce you with the history of Venice easily though this palace which is also a museum.

Visit the church Santa Maria di Friari and Rialto Bridge the oldest bridge over the Grand Canal. If you are too amazed to walk, sit yourselves comfortably in a gondola and relax. You will experience how the transportation of this city looked like in the past. Today, you will see a lot of boats and gondolas sailing in the Grand Canal. After your long walk or gondola ride, enjoy a typical Venetian dish such as raw seafood, goose cooked in its own fat, or meatballs, served with a fine vine.

The shops will offer you endless varieties of masks which were once used in carnivals, and today are a regularly bought souvenir. You will see them on the live sculptures on the square which make it easier for us to imagine the past.


Venice is also famous for its glass. The Murano Glass is handmade and very popular. These delicate colourful pieces of art draw the eyes of everyone passing by.  Although they are expensive, you can be sure of their quality craftsmanship and they are certainly a perfect present for everyone.

Although they say there is a danger that this city sinks, it surely will not sink nor disappear in the memory of everyone who has visited it.

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Naples Errupts In Tourist Treasures


Naples is a glance in the past through the windows of Pompeii, the first bite of one of the favourite meals of many men around the world – the pizza and a city with its own web of historical sites and leisure activities which will glue you in and make you want to move there.

Although Neapolitans have some odd habits such as caring for the skulls of the unknown dead, hoping that their souls will protect them or grant them wishes, or walking with your eyes closed between the two bronze horses on the square Piazza del Plebiscito, they also have a great cuisine, museums protecting world archaeological riches, one of the most beautiful coastlines where you can bathe in the sun and breathe in the sea air and lots of old churches to connect you to your spiritual side.

You will hear about unusual burial techniques dating from the 15th century which were practised in the Santa Maria della Sanita catacombs, which were also used to preserve water. And you certainly can’t leave without spending a day at Pompeii. The volcanic eruption which created today’s museum under the sky is located near toady’s Naples and its story is a lesson about immorality taught to us since we were children. Once it was a town with an amphitheatre, gymnasium, water system and a port, and today it is a live illustration of life in the past. The people turned to stone by the mighty volcano are a reminder of human values we appreciate today, and yet forget to honour them on a daily basis.

Naples is a very old city, dating back to 8 or 9 centuries BC. The historic centre of Naples is declared as world heritage by UNESCO and is an obligatory tour of every new tourist. If you go to Naples you should visit the San Carlo, one of the best opera houses in Italy which will surely provide you with a night of pleasure.

Napoli Sotteranea is Naples underground located directly under the historic centre of the city. A roman laundry, bakery and other objects are perfectly preserved and accessible to visitors through tourist tours.

There are lots of places where you can find historical artefacts but the MADRE museum of contemporary art is a place where you can move though time and refresh yourself for a couple of centuries.

Naples is full of small craftsmen shops of skilled tailors, leather workers and seamstresses, and the Fifth Avenue South is a shopping district which will also offer you shopping of a different type.

Tour the Amalfi coast, and enjoy the beach parties in the bars and clubs on the coast. Transportation in Naples is well organized, busses are very practical, but cars, taxis and bicycles are also used by the local population and the visitors. Naples airport taxi transfer services are also a good option for those who want to get a comfortable ride to their hotel.

Dig in the Pizza and Sfogliatelle, visit the National Archaeological Museum, and the veiled Christ at Capella Sansevaro. The list of things to do and places to see is very long. Take your time and explore patiently under Mount Vesuvius.

Blend In In Brussels


Brussels is the seat of the European Union, a melting pot and scenery of people wearing colorful traditional clothing and modern outfits, medieval structures and modern architecture. A well organized city with beautiful parks, museums, cathedrals, cafes and restaurants. It became a centre for international politics after World War II and developed into a beautiful city.

The symbol of the city is the Maneken Pis the statue of a boy peeing , and lately it has had additions such as the Jeaneke Pis  a girl peeing and the Zinneke a dog peeing. The Zinneke is the newest statue which symbolizes the mixture of people in Brussels. In a Brussels dialect “Zinneke” can be translated as a person with mixed origin. But all those people have lots in common, one example are the fired potatoes Belgium is famous for. One of the best places you can enjoy a fine dish is Maison Antoine in the European Quarter. To truly taste the Belgium atmosphere you must taste traditional Belgium bier. One of them is Delirium Tremens which is one of the best biers in the world.

The Square Place du Grand Sablon naturally divides Brussels in two. If you want to experience how people in Brussels spend their Saturday and Sunday weekends, you should come here and see the open air antiques market. People in Brussels love vintage fashion, so there are a lot of boutiques with beautiful vintage clothing. Brussels is a true example of modern living and a fine blend of delicately preserved old and new buildings and traditions.

Bier, chocolate and comics are something that Brusselers enjoy. When you decide to rest at a restaurant or a small cafe, order a bier and read a comic to feel like a true Brusseler.

You must visit the Basilique of Koekelberg which is the fifth biggest church in the world, where you will find an incredible view of Brussels, although you probably won’t like its architecture, or the general impression it makes. On a sunny day visitors can see even 30 kilometers away from Brussels, and the park surrounding it look absolutely amazing. The Atomium is a symbol of the city. It represents the atom enlarged 165 billion times and is one of the major sites for tourists.


Continue your visit with a walk through Place du Petit Sablon, a colorful flower garden which was formerly a horse market. Enjoy the flowers, statues and fountains which are flawlessly organized and maintained. The art lovers can visit Wiels, a contemporary art centre which shows exhibitions around 6 times a year, and is located in a former brewery. When in Brussels, try to visit the most famous sights as well as to explore the city by yourself. That way you will feel the lifestyle of the locals and not just follow the routes of every otherinternational tourist.

If you are interested in clubs, you can visit the Fuse. Up to 1500 people gather here to listen and dance to techno, electro, drum ’n’ bass, and dubstep music. Following the latest trends in music, here you will feel the notes this city plays.

To become one of the residents, you can take part in the Roller-Bike-Parade. It is organized at the end of the summer and it is a 20-25 km skate tour for everyone who likes roller-skating. Or, if you are just looking for a place to rest, visit the Cinquantenaire, a large park where you can spend a lovely day. You can also visit the Cathedral of St. Michel and Gudule from the 15th century, the Royal Palace Coudenberg the former palace of Emperor Charles the Fifth, Rue de Bouchers, the Town Hall, the Basilique du Sacre Coeur, La Cambre Abbey and much more.

Brussels will amaze you with its Art Nouveau, a style of architecture and art inspired by natural forms. The jewelers of Belgium used this style to create jewelry. They incorporated motifs from nature and here this style achieved its highest peak. You will leave full of impressions and will surely want to come back again.

To get from the airport to you hotel, you can choose from many transportation options, such as metro, bus, car rental or Brussels airport taxis.

Feast Your Eyes On Artistic Masterpieces In Milan


Walk down the plastered streets of the old city. Milan will welcome you and seduce you with stories about love, fashion, art and history. You will feel the heartbeat of the city trembling beneath your feet.

Milan is a city of museums and fashion. Pinacoteca di Bieeara is an art museum of modern Italian art form the 13th to the 20th century which you must see if you are a lover of art. The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci is kept in the church of Santa Maria della Grazie. If you want to see this Renaissance artistic work you must make a reservation sometimes months ahead but it will definitely be worth it. Your story of Milan shall continue as you visit the home of Leonardo Da Vinci’s patron, Ludovico il Moro Sforza. It is called Castelo Sforzescko and was built in the 15 century. Today it has many interesting museums and archives for tourists.

Cimitero Monumentale is the resting place of famous Italians such as the composer Verdi. It is one of the biggest and most beautiful cemeteries in Italy. There are around 6000 sculptures there which make it a type of an open air museum.

Find time to sit down at a lovely restaurant and be taken away by the flavours of the creamy pasta. Feast your eyes, ears as well as your mouth with the flavour of Milan.


This is a city considered to be the fashion capital of the world. The fashion street in Milan is often visited by famous people, actresses, singers, politicians and many more.

The greatest designers have fashion boutiques here in Milan. Armani, Missoni, Chanel Versace and Prada will dress you up for a bigger sum of money than usual, but it will make you feel like a real movie star. The football fans also have something to see and visit here. They can visit the San Siro Stadium, and AC Milan and FC Internazionale which are one of the best football clubs in the world. If you are interested in a more leisure day, visit the Idroscalo, it is a lake which is usually visited by the local population.

The Duomo is the only gothic cathedral in Italy. It took 500 years to construct it but it’s certainly a breathtaking illustration of the power of the church. You should also visit the train station, Milano Centrale which is one of the 4 largest train stations in Europe. The 200 year old La Scala Opera House is the place where you can treat yourself with a quality music experience. Although the tickets are pretty expensive it’s definitely something you will not regret doing.

Milan has excellent public transportation, but people also get around using cars, taxis, metro, trams and the subway. Whichever transportation you choose, try to enjoy it the best way you can. Also, Milan offers a great number of airport transport options, such as metro, bus, car rental or Milan airport transfer services.