The Tranquillity Of Lisbon


Lisbon is the city of tiles. You can see them in the subway, on the facades of the old and the new buildings, in the restaurants and cafés. On them you will see different pictures depicting life, landscapes and much more.

It is a city on 7 hills, decorated with beautiful parks with very old trees creating a royal shadow. Lisbon cherishes the past as well as the future with an ease. It is the city of great sailor men such as Vasco De Gama according to whom a beautiful bridge was named. Jeronimos Monastery, a church build in 1500 is his resting place. Today it is a part of a magnificent monastery, one of the top tourist attractions of Lisbon.

When you are in Lisbon you must taste the delicious soups and enjoy lots of fresh seafood. You can sit in the sun and watch people playing football, children running and feel that everything is ok. Wide streets connect the city decorated with monuments of the great people of Portugal.

Here transportation is easily accessible and it is easy to get around the city. People in Lisbon travel by metro, with a taxi, hop on – hop of buses and by bicycles. Airport taxi’s in Lisbon are also pretty cheap and can be booked in advance.

The train station is one most beautiful concrete buildings that you will ever see. It’s futuristic and elegant and yet somehow preserves the spirit of Portugal.

The Belem Tower which was also built aroun1500 is a must see and is declared as part of the world heritage by UNESCO. They say that you can feel the romance of the Mediterranean people there. Everybody speaks English and the ones that don’t are so polite that they will find a way to understand you and help you.

Lisbon is huge and a little dirty, but there are vast places between the buildings which give you the feeling that the city breathes easily. From certain points in the city there is a view of the ocean which revives the feeling of freedom within you.

When you sit at a restaurant you should definitely taste Pastel de Nata, it is an egg tart pastry with an incredible taste and goes excellent with a delicious cup of coffee.

The sensual women also contribute to the magic of the city. This is a place where you will be overwhelmed with culture. You can visit different museums such as the Ancient Art Museum, Madre de Deus convent now a museum with decorative tiles, the Berardo Museum which exposes the art of modern artists such as Andy Warhol, Dali and Picasso, the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum with art pieces from Monet, Rubens Rembrandt and many more.

The most expensive chapel in the world the Sao Roque Church, built with the gold gathered in colonial Brazil is a blinding sight that will lure you and make you addicted to this type of art. Come and find your tranquility in Lisbon.