Simple Yet Effective Tips on How to Visit Barcelona on a Budget

Barcelona sounds as the perfect destination for your trip as it offers incredible architecture, many cultural places to visit and a one of a kind experience. This place can be cheap or expensive, a thing that is totally up to you.

If you are on a budget, yet you want to experience Barcelona at its best, here is what you have to do:

  1. Book tickets ahead– if you plan on visiting Barcelona, book your tickets online ahead of time. There are chances to find cheaper tickets and you also skip waiting in the line. Many locations in Barcelona only allow a number of people to go inside per day. If you want your whole group to go in at once, book tickets online and avoid the lines.
  2. Use the metro– if you plan on doing multiple rounds around the city purchase a 10 trips ticket in order to avoid paying for each trip every time. At the same time, the metro reaches multiple tourist sites and it can leave you in a short walking distance from many of them. If you plan to stay out late, keep in mind that some parts of the metro shut down after midnight, so you will be forced to take a cab or walk your way back to your accommodation.
  3. Ask for “menul del dia”– eating in Barcelona can be expensive if you do not know what to ask for. At many local bars and restaurants you get the menu del dia, the specific menu of that day. You can ask the waiter or the waitress what the menu of the day is and order it if it suits your tastes. This menu usually has 3 dishes and includes a beverage as well, beer or wine, at the prince of 10-12€. Prices vary from bar to bar, but this is the average price paid.
  4. Basic facilities– when looking for a place to sleep, make it just that, a place to sleep. You do not need fancy bathrobes and mini soaps to enjoy your stay in the city. At Pensio Alamar, the rooms are very basic, but they are cheap and clean.
  5. Check out La Boqueria– this local market is packed with local merchants that sell almost everything, from fruits and vegetables to fresh meat. You can snack on some nuts, sample and even buy candies from here. This is a place where you can buy enough food to have a picnic, all at a very good price.
  6. Sangria and tapas– if you want a taste some of Barcelona’s incredible food, you can identify many places that sell tapas at low prices. A small café called El Tastet de L’Artur offer you rather large amounts of tapas and sangria for only 15€ per person.

Many places can be seen with only 1 Euro or free, only if you know where to look.  For a nice stroll and a nice evening out, you can go to Ramblas and Rambla del Born and take advantage of one of the many benches available there. If you are more of a nature type of person, you can always go to Parc Guell, for just a small fee. This is a place designed by the famous architect Gaudi and it must not be missed. Those who want to see the Sagrada Familia must pay 15€ to enter the cathedral. But keep in mind that many people say that the real charm of Sagrada Familia can be seen from the outside rather than the inside.

In Barcelona, you can even visit museums and galleries for free on Open Day. Keep in mind that this Open Day varies. As an example, Picasso Museum is free of charge on every first Sunday of every month, while Centre de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona is free on every Wednesday of every month. Small galleries such as Born and Raval have regular free openings, usually on Fridays or Thursdays.

Tourists that want to enjoy a movie can do this for less money on Monday, when it’s movie night in Barcelona. You can benefit from a sweet deal of two-for-one. For those of you enjoying concerts, you’ll have to wait until September, when Barcelona celebrates La Merce festival, a week-long event with many free concerts available.

Visiting Barcelona on a budget is quite possible if you plan ahead and look online for the Open Days. With less money you can have the best experience ever.