Top 5 Transport Tips in Geneva

airport taxis geneva

airport taxis genevaGeneva is surely a lovely city, and traveling there is a rewarding experience. To make your visit more enjoyable, you should first get acquainted with the most important transport tips when going to this beautiful location.

Geneva airport taxi transfer

You can pre-book your airport taxi transfer over the phone in advance before your highly awaited trip. One reason you should consider doing this is that it will save you plenty of time after your arrival at your destination. Let’s say that you arrive on the weekend, at a peak hour. It might be difficult to get a cab then. Plus, it pre-booking your airport taxi transfer will get you a sizeable discount, if you choose to book a two-way ride, for instance.

Still, you shouldn’t encounter any troubles even if you don’t book your taxi in advance. There are over 50 authorized taxi companies in Geneva. They provide excellent service. Plus, cab drivers are required to speak English, so you should be able to communicate with them most efficiently. The price of a taxi fare should be an average 30 CHF, which is not cheap, as you can notice.

You should bear in mind that taxi fares at night-time are typically higher, so don’t be surprised if you have to pay more than you normally would on daytime.


Uber is steadily growing in popularity. For this reason, Uber is available in Geneva as well. While the fare prices charged by Uber are typically much lower compared with taxis, by at least 40 percent, if your arrival hour is at a peak hour, you shouldn’t expect a sizeable discount. The bottom-line is that Uber is an excellent alternative outside the peak hours.

Car Rental

After arriving at the airport, car rental is available as a modern means of Geneva airport transfer. This is a positive alternative especially for those who wish to travel to skiing locations. You can consider pre-booking your car hire in advance, to minimize all the fuss at the airport.

You should opt for a reputable car rental company if you wish to avoid dealing with possible inconveniences.

An essential tip concerning driving in Geneva is that your driving license should be either in English, German, French or Italian. If your driver’s license is not in any of these languages, you will be required an International Driver License, which is the translation of your regular license. Also, drivers have to be over 21 years old.

Free ticket at the airport

After arriving at the airport, before leaving the luggage zone, don’t forget to take a free ticket from the airport to your destination. You can use it for up to 80 minutes afterward.

Free transport pass

If you are staying at a hotel, youth hostel or campsite, you have the right to benefit from a Geneva free transportation pass. This will enable you to use all means of public transportation free of charge during the whole time of your stay in the city. Don’t forget to ask for it at the reception of the hotel.

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