Ah, Venice!


A small enchanting city built on water for centuries draws writers, movie directors and couples in love to come and drink from its well of inspiration. This place will make you sigh with amazement. In the small streets you will find hidden romantic corners to steel intimate kisses from your loved one or to take in the stunning architecture. Surrounded by the pigeons – the pets of the city, you will feel them bringing the sky to you and raising it higher as they fly away.

The streets will bring you to St. Mark’s Basilica, which symbolises the independence of the city, wonderfully decorated with mosaics on the facade, sculptures, Syrian carvings and more. Venice is filled with tourists all year round, so if you would like to explore it less crowded maybe you should try the winter period, although it surely won’t look the same without the summer sun.


Gaze at Piazza San Marco, the symbol of the city, a beautiful marble square and the gathering place of the city for centuries. Here you will see the Torre dell’ Orologio clock tower, one of the main tourist attractions and the Campanile di San Marko the bronze bell tower where you can get an excellent view of the city. Just before you lose your breath you will continue to Doge’s Palace which is linked through a corridor to the “Bridge of Sighs” which once led to the prison. It was the last place where prisoners got to take a look outside and sigh in sorrow of their lost freedom. The tour guides will introduce you with the history of Venice easily though this palace which is also a museum.

Visit the church Santa Maria di Friari and Rialto Bridge the oldest bridge over the Grand Canal. If you are too amazed to walk, sit yourselves comfortably in a gondola and relax. You will experience how the transportation of this city looked like in the past. Today, you will see a lot of boats and gondolas sailing in the Grand Canal. After your long walk or gondola ride, enjoy a typical Venetian dish such as raw seafood, goose cooked in its own fat, or meatballs, served with a fine vine.

The shops will offer you endless varieties of masks which were once used in carnivals, and today are a regularly bought souvenir. You will see them on the live sculptures on the square which make it easier for us to imagine the past.


Venice is also famous for its glass. The Murano Glass is handmade and very popular. These delicate colourful pieces of art draw the eyes of everyone passing by.  Although they are expensive, you can be sure of their quality craftsmanship and they are certainly a perfect present for everyone.

Although they say there is a danger that this city sinks, it surely will not sink nor disappear in the memory of everyone who has visited it.

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