Alicante, Daydreaming By The Sea


Alicante is a pleasant breeze of Spanish culture in which any type of visitor can enjoy. The small simple beautiful white houses with blue and yellow windows, decorated with flowers in pots will warm up your heart and welcome you in. The palm trees soften the gothic style buildings and the boats in the marina are one more jewel in the soothing view.

Walk through the city centre on the colourful pavement and feel the story of this town. The magnificent buildings glow under the bright sun, the old quarter El Barrio is a wonderful tourist sight and will make a great afternoon walk. Here you can enjoy a traditional meal or you can choose from the restaurants, bars and pubs on the Alicante Marina. Foods which are traditionally served here are fish stew with saffron, grilled red mullet in oil, rice dishes, sausages and meat produced in the mountains. “Horchata” is a drink produced with tiger nuts and can be found in almost all restaurants and pubs.


This city has seen many changes, proof of this is the Concatedral de San Nicolas, a mosque which was turned into a cathedral. You can also visit the Santa Maria, the oldest church in Alicante.

Alicante will seduce you with its spirit, the landscape, the houses, the customs and festivals. Hogueras de San Huan is a festival held in June, and is a major event for everyone living here. At the end of the festival you will enjoy a lovely firework, and cake with tuna and figs are the usual meal that is served on this day. You will see a colourful parade, traditional customs and be amazed by the art of bullfighting as well.

Alicante has its own Art market where you can see the artwork of the local artists and purchase something which shall definitely carry the soul of Alicante, a beautiful and original souvenir.


There is the sandy San Huan Beach, Alicante City Hall and Santa Barbara Castle a medieval fortress built in 400 B.C. by the Carthaginians. It is one of the largest medieval fortresses an important tourist sight. From here you will get an incredible view of the city. Near Alicante you can also visit the prehistoric art caves of Canalobre, filled with stalagmites and stalactites and add a scientific note to your journey.

So when you get a little tired of science and history you can visit the Terra Mitica theme park or the Paintball Arena. Have a little fun and paint your day.

Alicante has a good transportation which gives you the opportunity to choose from a train, taxi, bus or simply walking by foot.  Get some more information on your routes or just grab a cab and go to the next interesting location you’d like to visit.

Let the Spanish caravan bring you to Alicante.

Diversity Of London


London is a beautiful historic city. It is a very old city, according to archaeological research people have been living in this area since the Bronze Era, and through the centuries it grew into what it is today – a leading city and one of the top financial centers for many years. This is the only city in which the Olympic Games were held 3 times and a centre of education with its 43 universities. Since the middle of the 20th century it’s a centre of youth culture and pop music. Modern London is glamorous, crowdy, cosmopolitan, inspiring, busy, noisy and beautiful. Today London is developing fast there is lots to see and do.

Symbols of the city everyone can recognize are the red double – decker buses, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, London Bridge… Enjoy a tour through the Tower of London on the famous River Thames which stands tall to remind us of its rich past.

Thinking of the magic of Marry Poppins, the skills of Sherlock Holmes, the bravery of Oliver Twist, the adventures of Peter Pan, explore the cities top tourist attractions.

The London Eye will provide a great view of the city. This is the highest Ferris wheel in the world and you shouldn’t miss it. London is a city of museums, the National Gallery displays paintings from the 13th to the 19 century, in Madam Tussauds you can get a photo with  your favorite celebrities or historic persons, you can visit the Royal Museum Greenwich which is the largest maritime museum in the world and the famous British Museum. Here you will not only get the feel of London but the whole world as well. Egyptian statues, Japanese art, the Rosetta Stone, Samurai armors and more.


Inns of Court is a lovely old building which is also very interesting. It’s where barristers used to get their education and it still operates today. The oldest scientific zoo in the world, the London Zoo will make a relaxed and lovely afternoon. Or you can visit the Kew Gardens and enjoy the greenery, the various flowers and fresh air.

London is not only a collection historic artifacts from around the world, and an architectural student book, but also a boiling gathering place of different races, languages and outfits. The immigrants originating from the Commonwealth, the students and workers from abroad comprise the diverse family of Londonians.


The laughs with Charlie Chaplin, the music of David Bowie, the scares of Alfred Hitchcock are the scions of its spirit. This city of beautiful parks can also offer you the cuisine of your choice. Because of its diverse population you will surely find the cuisine of your choice.

How you should you get to your restaurant or tourist site? Buses in London are cheap; there are also river buses, underground railway, light railway, taxis, trams and bicycles. Travel in style or get some exercise, whichever you choose London will not disappoint you.

No matter what airport you land on, London’s airport taxi services are very developed and, in case you book one for your trip, the driver will be waiting for you at the airport even before you arrive.

Malaga, A Taste Of The Mediterranean


Malaga is a traditional Spanish city, a Mediterranean Sea flower which you should see bloom. One of the oldest cities in the world is a great place to spend your holiday. Overlooking the city is the Alcazaba castle, built 3000 years ago, well preserved and decorated with flowers and trees. Here you can also visit a museum of Phoenician pottery. A passageway connects Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro castles surrounded by pines and eucalyptus trees.  This hill has the greatest view of Malaga.

Malaga offers you the possibility to spend an entire day visiting museums. There is a Museum of Glass and Crystal, the Museo Automovilistico, the Museum of Carmen Thyssen and the Picasso Museum. The Picasso Museum shows the art from his early years and you can also visit his birth house in the Plaza de la Merced.

After an artistic day you can catch up on your history by visiting the Roman Theatre. This Mediterranean city has changed and developed though history. Its location has made it a transit point, a connection for the south and north, a passageway between the African and European.

When you get tired from looking around you should visit Malaga’s Parks, they are beautiful gardens along the sea. They were created at the end of the 19th century and are filled with tropical trees and exotic species and every Sunday morning at 12 you can enjoy a lovely concert there in the open. There is no better way to start your day.


There are beautiful churches such as the La Manquita and the Church of Santiago. An interesting site is the Ataranzas Market which dates back to the 14th century. Here you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables and fish and get the feel of the local population.

When you get hungry and what to taste traditional Malaga food, you should visit the El Tintero El Palo, a great restaurant in the El Palo area. And if you are looking for a more active holiday you can go hiking on the hiking trails in the mountains of Malaga.

Public transportation in Malaga is expensive, but taxis are cheap and accessible, but you can also rent a bike, hop on a train to get to a more distant location like. You will love the long, sandy beaches in Malaga; the sea varies its color from light blue and calm water to wavy windy dark blue sea. This city is very warm not just because of the climate, but because of the hospitality of the people. The magic of the Mediterranean will not disappoint you. Malaga is waiting for you.

Vienna Is Calling You


Artists depict the soul of the people, the world they are surrounded by and off course the city they live in. Vienna itself is an enormous collection of incredible works of artists, composers, architects, engineers, from the past the present and no doubt the future as well.

It is one of the most beautiful cities you will ever visit. Driving or walking though the city you will begin to wonder if you’ll stop feeling amazed. Usually the historic parts of a city are clearly separated from the new part and can be looked around in a few hours or a day. But Vienna is a different story. There is a gradual, elegant blend between the old and the new, the facades in bright tones will leave you speechless.  You will want to enter every museum and every tourist sight. There is so much to see and do. If you don’t have much time you should definitely research about it and create your own list of places you want to see.

The Schönbrunn Palace is one example of life of royalty in the past. The Habsburg monarchs used to enjoy the beautiful gardens, fountains statues. In the past it belonged to the monastery at Klosterneuburg and around 1500 it became an imperial possession. Another important tourist site is St. Stephens Cathedral which stands under 2 earlier churches and is an orientation point for everyone new in Vienna. It rises up above everything else and is easily recognizable not just because of its height and sharp shape but also because of the darkened facade. This wonderful building in gothic architecture is still used by believers for different events.

Make a small break with an espresso and a dessert. Mozartkugeln are world famous and are still produced by hand so it’s definitely a taste of Vienna you must not miss. They are also a good and delicious souvenir. You can also try the well known Sacher-Torte, the delicious cake with chocolate and apricot jam, although you’ll have to wait a while because there is always a line of people in front of the shop.

Spittelberg quarter offers you restaurants where you can try traditional boiled beef or choose a lighter meal or a salad.

Continue on with the Hofburg Palace. It was used until 1918 and today it’s the seat of the Austrian president. Here you will find many museums, the Albertina Museum, the Sisi Museum, gardens, one of the largest graphic art collections in the world, and a chapel. As I said, there is plenty to see and do.

This is the home town of Sigmund Freud, Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Niki Lauda, Gustav Mahler, Johann Strauss and many more. Philosophers, artists, composers, motorcycle drivers,  Vienna has produced distinguished men in every profession.


One of the things that will certainly bring more magic to your journey is a botanical garden. The Butterfly House is one more point you should add on your list. Write down the Belvedere Palace as well. The palace gardens with a symmetrical form are visited by everyone. Here you will get a great view of Vienna.

The city centre is where you will see horse-drawn carriages and carriage drivers talking in old German dialect. Transportation in Vienna is well developed. Airport taxis in Vienna aren’t that expensive while there are busses, trams, trains, taxis and bicycles to take you through the city. Choose your style and continue your tour to Hundertwasserhouse, Viennese Prater Feris Wheel, Schonbrunn Palace, the Schonbrunn Zoo,Vienna State Opera the famous Vienna Opera Ball, Vienna City Hall and more.

You will see music coming to life on the old plastered streets with the street musicians, lots of cafés, restaurants, shops and boutiques, white, turquoise and golden facades, richly decorated old and modern buildings, green parks and clean streets, monuments and sculptres.

So, prepare your list and pack your bags, Vienna is calling you!