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Private Excursion to Murano, Burano and Torcello

Private Excursion to Murano, Burano and Torcello

Visit the three most famous small lagoon islands in one day, or if you have time and would like to explore them more carefully, you could spend a day in each of them sightseeing and strolling along the streets, admiring the architecture and the attractions, drinking coffee in a local cafe or enjoying a local delicacy.


Have a boat ride to get to the “glass island” and catch a glimpse of the San Micheleand San Cristoforo islands on your way. San Cristoforo is the cemetery island of Venice where many famous people are buried.

Famous kilns are lined up at Fondamenta dei Vetrai where you can take a walk along the area and watch the experts creating glass objects. Just before the Vivarini Bridge on your left side, you can see the Church of San Pietro Martire, a housing to frescoes by Bellini, Tintoretto and del Veronese. Over the bridge and strolling along the Fondamenta Cavour, is where the Glass Museum is located, with exhibits of magnificent objects and blowing techniques. Within a short walk find the Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donatois, built in the 8th century in a Venetian Byzantine style and enjoy the fantastic mosaic that depicts the Virgin Mary.


Burano is one of the cheerful islands in the lagoon and all the houses are painted in bright colors.

Visit the Baldassare Galuppi piazza and the Lace Museum. There are some beautiful examples of Venetian laces and you can also watch the various stages of lacing carried out by the experts.The church of San Marino  is in possession of the “Crocefissione” painting by Tiepolo and also Palazzo del Podesta. You should also try the famous bussolai buranelli found in the local cake shops.


Torcello is a very romantic lagoon. Venetians go there as they are attracted by the calmness and the nature of the island. Unlike Murano and Burano, Torcello is fundamentally unoccupied and still has archeological proof of its glorious past.

The famous Devil’s Bridge is located at the Fondamenta dei Borgognoni where you can take a stroll. Within a short walk, you’ll reach the Piazza Torcello, where you will see the ancient Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. One part of the church is decorated with an amazing mosaic showing the Universal Judgement. The Church of Santa Fosca and the famous sedia di Attila are also located in the square. The Estuario Museum has some interesting archeological finds from different periods. Time permitting, have a romantic dinner at the Locanda Cipriani, is recommended one of Hemingway’s most loved restaurants.

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